The walk on the spiritual path

Every person is a soul incarnated in human body. So we are all spiritual beings who are living a spiritual live. Everything we think and everything we do is a part of our spiritual journey. If we believe this or not, it will not change the truth. But the awareness of our spiritual existence, can accelerate our spiritual development.

The goal for following the spiritual path is to achieve inner peace, light, and joy. The final destination is to become inseparably one with our source. Our souls choose to incarnate for a special mission. The mission is in the inmost recesses of our hearts , and we have to fulfil there.

But how we can remember our mission?

Search within. Meditate within. And you will discover your mission.

This blog has the purpose to support you walking on the spiritual path. The spiritual and esoteric information may give you inspiration. It may help you to remember what you have forgotten when you pass the veil of forgetting in the time of your birth. It may even help you to realize your mission.

I do not state that the information on this is the absolute truth. It is my personal truth emerged from my subjective perception of reality. So take all Information which is helpful for your path. The other one you can put away.

Love and light will brighten your journey!


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