We are living in a time when the age of Pisces comes to an end and its energies are fading slowly away. The influence of the age of Aquarius starts about the time of the french Revolution. From there that influence is rising until up to now. When a shift of the ages occurs, there is a shift of energies as well. The piscean values of control, possessions and power are slowly being replaced with the values of the age of Aquarius: brotherhood, integrity, love and unity.

This time the shift of the ages falls together with a special event: a small planetary cycle of ~26.000 years (procession of the equinox) completes together with a big galactic cycle of ~208.000 years (galactic year). This event accelerates and multiplies the amount of energy.

Many channelings speak about the energyshift is a tsunami of love which will bring us to a golden age. In my opinion it is good to be careful with channelings, because the channelling person always influences unintentionally the message. Nevertheless there are even predictions from different indigenous cultures which foresee a golden age coming after massive changes. Some other sources report the earth is undergoing a dimensional shift. This shift will lead even to a golden age, but only for the people who are able to shift together with the earth.

A massive change will be inevitable. It is our responsibility that this change leads to our golden age.

The most states have such an amount of debt, they can never pay back. It is only a matter of time the world wide economic system will collapse when the system will not be changed.

Our beloved mother earth is massively injured, exploited and misused. The environment is very polluted. The greed of profit causes the further destruction of our environment. We have lost the connection to the other children of the earth: the plants and the animals. We misuse them for our greed and forget their inherent spirit is inevitably connected with our spirit if we feel this connection or not. Our beloved sisters and brothers even kill and misuse each other for many different reasons. If we continue to walk this path, mother earth will have her own golden age, but then without humanity…

If it would be our destiny to live in the golden age, we would incarnate at that time. Now it is our mission to fulfil changes which lead to this golden age.

Now we are more than 7 billion people incarnated on this planet. All of us want to use the energy-shift to fulfil plan of our souls. We have come to clear our karma and to use the energy for the development of our soul. We have to be part of this changes. Every person is here for a reason and every person has a purpose. unfortunately the most of them have forgotten their mission when they pass through the veil of forgetting in the time of their birth.

Effects of the rising energy for the body

Many people feel the rising energies. They have different symptoms like insomnia, head-aches, tingling sensation in their body and vivid dreams etc. Some other people get even sick. They get a small infection. The reason is they have to slow down for adapting the new energy. It is very important to listen to the intuition to avoid this.

When a special time-windows occur like the equinox and eclipse last friday more people are feeling those symptoms.

Some people develop a sensitivity and become more sentient.

Even some people start remembering their former incarnations or/and their soul`s plan for this. Those people can bring the light and they can help to wake up the dormant people.

Every human being is an energetic being. Every thought, every emotion and every feeling is a form of energy which we emit to our environment. Even our bodies and our soul are made of energy. Because of this the energy influences our whole energetic-system.

The rising energy brings the shadow to surface

Every secret and everything which has kept hidden can slowly be seen. In the outside, which always reflects the inside, disclosures are happening now. So it is easier to recognize the different energies people emit, if it is light or dark energy. We all have it both inside. We all are Yin and Yang. After those month and years of rising energy it comes for all people a big challenge: to deal with their own shadow. This reminds us mercilessly on our own special task: transforming the dark parts of oneself. Nobody else can do this for another. Everyone is responsible for the own transformation. Other people can help us showing us the way, but we have to transform the shadow for ourself. Not everyone is interested in this task and projects further his own darkness and coldness in the world. They realize the shadow in the world but not in themself. They expect the change from the outside, but they are not willing to look inside for what have to be changed. This has to be tolerated and accepted. But this behavior bears the danger to be overwhelmed with the own shadow. This is a very painful process. A heavy disease could be manifested in the body or a big traumatic event could occur.

Our outside world is reflecting back to us as we are on the inside. Our outside world corresponds with beliefs, feelings and thoughts we hold on the inside. So everything that we experience in the outside world has a reason inside of us.

This knowledge is helpful for our transformation. When we go with our awareness inside and ask the following questions: ” What is inside of me that this i experience this event?” , ” What is inside of me that the person behaves like this?”, “What is inside of me, that i behave like this?” or ” What is inside of me, that i think this?” etc.. The answers of those questions bears the realization of the own shadow. This is the ground for the beginning of the transformation of our shadow. Then we know what we have to change, which part of us needs healing.

A spiritual practiced person is able to transform his shadows only through meditation. This needs a lot of devotion and mindfulness. If you have big problems to perform this task, i advise to seek help for your transformation work. There are many techniques and methods like Theta Healing, Theta Floating, Reincarnation Therapy, Meridian Energyfield Techniques and different kinds of Meditation. Your Intuition will tell you what is the best way for your transformation work.

Why is it so important to transform the own shadows into light?

On energetic view means transformation work, to get rid of the parts of lower energy and blockades. As a result our frequency and our energetic level rises . Then we are able to carry more light and love. This amount of love and light will be even reflected in the outside. If you are full of love and light you will experience even only love and light.

With the transformation of our shadows we start changing the world.

The more people transform their shadows into light the changing process of the world accelerates.

Our consciousness will become more pure, and we become more sensitive. We will hear the voice of our souls more intensively, the intuition. We will develop a new ability: Tuning in another consciousness. So then we can communicate telepathically with other beings, like other people, plants, animals or even our beloved mother earth. Perhaps this sounds for you like pure science fiction, but you have to consider, there a lot of people out there who start experience exactly this phenomena.

This is even essential for the process of healing mother earth. We have to connect with her and her children: the plants, the animals and the spirit world to seek for forgiveness. We have to forgive ourself, too. Humanity have to unite with the earth. And we all have clean up the mess, the humanity has caused, on a physical and on a spiritual way.

If we are able to fulfil this Mission then we will be able to create a golden Age.

Love and light will brighten your journey.


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