The way of the Seeker – `You will find what you seek´

buddha-199462_1280A seeker is a person who is seeking the truth, inner peace, light and joy. Religions are promising to reach those aims just by following blindly their teachings. Some teachings are made to create fear of god, so there is no resonance to those teachings for the seeker. Other teachings are preaching of love, but often religious teachers do not live what they are preaching, so their teachings become distorted. Most seekers are a unconsciously clairsentient. They feel the discrepancy and missing the purity. Teachers have to be pure for teaching purity. Common religions do not satisfy the needs of the seekers soul. He feels the knowledge which is given is limited and distorted. Every religion has a path which is leading to the source/creator, if the believe is limitless. But the way to this path is often hidden.

In official schools and universities  the paradigm of science is teached. Science denies the soul, god and any kind of spirit. Science is the way of the mind and outer knowledge (Exoteric).Here is no resonance for the seeker as well.

Therefor he starts searching the truth behind the socialmade paradigms to find the path which is predestined from the soul.

In the east the seeker often goes often to sophisticated master (guru). In our western culture he is mainly following the spiritual path of inner knowledge (esoteric) and spirituality without a teacher. Then the world will be his guru.

Many books offer knowledge the seeker is searching for. Even in internet is much esoteric and spiritual content available. So he is able to claim the knowledge  he need for his spiritual journey. His Soul will lead to the knowledge which is important for him.

But all the knowledge is useless without living it. E.g. there are wonderful books about the process awakening described in wonderful novels like `The Celestine Prophecy`by James Redfield or the `Way of the Peaceful Warrior`by Dan Millman. Those books was sold million times. But unfortunately after reading most people put this books away like others novels and treat it like pure fiction. Books like those have been written to wake up the people, to realize them about the small and big miracles which are surrounding us and to lift up the awareness for the spirit.

If the seeker starts to transform the claimed knowledge into wisdom he will be lead to more sophisticated knowledge which he has to transform in wisdom again and so on. (The Seekers spiral of transformation).

But how the knowledge can be transformed into wisdom?

First of all the seeker has to understand the knowledge not only in his mind but with his heart. The best way is to meditate about this knowledge with the heart-chakra.

Then it has to be integrated in life. For example if you have read about spirits of plan your can try to connect your soul with a spirit of one plant. In the beginning it will be hard to feel the connection but when you focus relentlessly on practicing you are able one day to communicate with the spirit of plants without effort. It will be like a chat with people but just with the spirits of plants.

The seeker has really to live this knowledge and to practice it relentlessly.

The four pillars of the seekers journey:

Gaining Wisdom is the first pillar.

The second pillar is meditation.

To practice meditation is helpful to calm the mind, to stabilize focusing and to deepen the connection with the soul.

But was is the best way to meditate?

There are different kinds of meditation:

1. Guided Meditation is very helpful to show how to meditate in beginning of the seekers journey. If an advanced master guides it, he can bring the seeker more far and protects him all over the meditation. But to advance his own meditation it is essential for the seeker to practice to meditate when he is alone,too.

2. Meditation on heart-chakra. In the heart-chakra is the deepest connection between the body and soul. In that kind of meditation he meditate on his soul. With practicing he will understand his soul needs and to intergrate the soul in his own personality. Sri Chinmoy has advised this Kind of meditation for beginners.

3. Empty-Mind-Meditation teaches the seeker to calm his mind. Seeker tries to focus his mind on nothing and to think nothing. If a thought comes the seeker has to observe the thought and let it go. In the beginning it is very hard to deal with the chatter of the mind without getting a feeling of failure. But after a lot of practicing the mind quiets down and the seeker will be able to go deeper.

There are ways to meditate i do not mention here. This three kinds of meditation have helped me most on my journey. I do not want to write about meditation which i hardly know.

Before every meditation you have to protect yourself.

This is very important to protect yourself your harmful thoughtform, bad spirit or even a demon. To the beginning it is good to born some incense,like pure olibanum, to clean the environment in which you want to meditate. build an imaginary shield around you and be sure nothing evil can pass it. Praying for protection is helpful, too.

The third pillar of the seekers journey is to create a blissful state of happiness.

Yes you can create happiness. It is your own choice. If you do not know how ask your soul. It is important to keep your frequency high in a state of love light, because if you attract things and events which have the same frequency like yours. If your mood  gets down, do something which your soul make to sing. For example hear good music with good vibes or go outside to connect with nature. For the case you are not able to communicate with your soul there are wonderful books which are helping you to understand happiness like `The Creation Of Happiness: THE ENERGY WAR: a soul´s perspectective`by Swati Shiv.

You have something in life, which make you unhappy, try to change it. If it not possible then you have to change your perspective.

The fourth pillar of the seekers journey is being humble and patient.

If the seeker is proud of his journey, he will be stuck in his development or even he will lose track on his journey.

Loosing patience lowers the frequency and it can bring confusion and a feeling of failure.

Sometimes it will be hard work on this journey, but the soul knows why it has taken to path of the seeker. So he has to trust in his journey.

Respect and love for everithing that is ,including the seeker, is important as well as. If the seeker is continously in a state of love he accelerates his journey.

Having faith in the own journey helps the seeker on his way. 

The soul will lead the seeker to the right events with the right speed.

It is my hope this article can inspire only one seeker on his own journey. Then the purpose is fulfilled.

Love and light will brighten your own journey


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