The Body: The temple of the soul


When we start our journey on earth as a human being we recieve a great gift: our physical body. This body accompanies us our whole life. It determines our perception. We use our physical senses to perceive the environment. We see with the eyes of the body. We hear with the ears etc. Then the brain interprets all incoming signals from the sensory organs and filters out what is important. All what we perceive is filtered through the brain of the body. Even for outersensual perception the pineal gland recieves information when a soul is inhabiting a body.

Wherever we go we use our body. When we walk and run. Even when we drive a car or a fly a plane we control how fast we are and where we go with our legs and hands. Whatever we do here on the physical plane, we do it with our body.

Before incarnation the soul chooses the body and circumstances of life depending on what the soul wants to experience and which lesson the soul wants to learn. For example when a body is weak, it is easier for the soul to learn patience and humbleness.

Karma has a big influence on the bodies. Some bodies are handicapped from birth with disabilities and/or diseases. Here it is to differentiate between a disease which is grounded in Karma and a disease which is developed during incarnation because of some habits and emotional states. E.G. if anger does not find a catalyst for releasing it can be stuck in the emotional body and with time it can create cancer in the physical body.

It is very important to know : Every disease and accident has a special reason.

Fortunately most of the time we have just a small infect which just want us to slow down, to rest and to spend time with ourselves. But then we have to listen to our body, otherwise it could manifesting a harder disease or happen a bigger accident.

Three years ago a had a bigger accident which forced me to stay for three month at home without moving. A forklift came from behind and drove over my left foot. My calcaneus was broken and the tissue was bruised. I had to keep my foot high to avoid bursting. This gave me a good lesson in developing patience. Before this accident i felt stressed in road traffic. But after i just keep calm and relaxed, even when there is much traffic. In the most situations i stay in a relaxed state of consciousness as well. I know this is rooted in my meditation-practices but this accident helped me to develop this skill much faster.

When a disease developed in your body or an bigger accident happens it is good to meditate on the reason.

Our physical body depends completely on our consciousness. Our soul uses the body to show us when we are out of balance. Every facial expression, every posture and every disease is a sign of our soul, a request to look inside and to start changing what has thrown us out of balance. A disease is not our enemy, it is kind tip of our soul.

A lot of diseases occur because of not caring the body right.

But how we can care our body the right way?

First we have to listen to our intuition. The intuition is the voice of our soul and our soul knows often what is the best for our body.

A body wants to move. We  have to be active. When you see small children and animals. They like to run, to play and being active. After a short rest they start moving again. This indicates that bodies are made for moving. Only our society and environment teach us during childhood not to move like the body wants to.

So it is important to do sports in a balanced way. You should choose a sport which makes fun, otherwise you have to force yourself and your body will not gain the benefits of making sports. I go two times per week jogging for about one hour and i do three times fitness. When i want to do more i go mountainbiking. Every morning i meditate for about one hour. This sport-programm is the perfect complement for my spiritual exercises.

Yoga and Qi-Gong are good combinations between spiritual and physical practicing and enhance the spiritual development.

I believe a balanced lifestyle foster harmony and inner peace. I encourage every person physical fitness and sports as a vehicle for personal transformation.

Another important issue is nourishment. It is well known:

You are what you eat and drink.

It is good to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and to drink  regulary fresh water. The fruits and vegetables should be washed before eating.

Rice, pasta, potatoes and cereals give the body energy for longtime activities.

You can get proteins through nuts, beans and peas.

In my opinion it is not necessary to eat meat. The body can get all the nutrients from plants.

Since seven years i do not eat meat The animals which are raised just to give us their meat, they suffer their whole life. Those animals have develop a energetic imprint, which can contaminate your energetic system when you eat their meat.. And animals should not be killed just to nourish people, because they have a right to live. But if you cannot stop to eat meat, you should avoid meat which come from intensive livestock farming.

Generally eating over long time industrial-made food will make you sick, because this kind of food contains a lot of chemicals which just contaminating the body.

Whatever you eat i recommend to bless your food. But your blessing has to come from heart. People like more the blessed food, especially when they do not know.  You can test it, if you serve blessed and non-blessed food. I experience often people like more the blessed food. The blessing harmonize the food and the harmful parts reduces or even disappear. The work of Masaru Emoto is a good evidence, how blessing can influence matter:

Love and Gratitude in a Water Crystal by Masuro Emoto

Cigarettes and alcohol are the legal drugs of our society. But they are very harmful to the body. You have to look at people who are addicted to those drugs how they start looking after some years. The process of aging starts enhancing rapidly. Hard drugs degenerate  the body even more. The legal drugs from the drug industie are not better. I can just accept mind altering substances, like ayahuasca in use for shamanic tradition and soft drugs like Marihuana for pain therapy.

I am completely sober since seven years. At that time i stopped even drinking a glass of bear with my friends. When i sit with my friends together i do not need alcohol to be entertained.

If you want to use drugs for altering your consciousness, i recommend you to practice meditation. The effect of altering the consciousness   is long-lasting and you do not have a hangover and other side effects.

Love your Body

Every time we should keep in mind, we are complete responsible for our body. Our physical bodies are needing love to thrive. When you care  for a plant with love, plant starts to flourish. With our physical bodies it is the same. Give your body love and gratitude. Thank your body every day for this wonderful job it is doing for you. Thank every cell and every organ for their proper work. If this love and gratitude comes from deep of your heart, you will see after a short time stunning results. Your body will start changing to look and feel more healthy and attractive after a short time.

This article just scratches on surface. It could fill books to go deep on each topic. There are even wonderful books which are doing this.

I just want to say: Treat your body every time with love, respect and gratitude. You have only this one for the rest of your life. Only with a healthy body, you can develop a healthy spirit.

Love and light will brighten your journey.


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