The Law of Correspondence – The reason why the world is your guru


“As above, so below; as below, so above.”– The Kybalion

Near everybody have heard this old Hermetic Axiom. But the most people have not realized the true meaning of this words. They were just thinking the old mystics spoke in riddles , and they denied the truth of this words, because it does not fit in our Christian paradigm, which is taught in our western societies.This axiom describes in simple words one of the most important universal laws : the Law of Correspondence (Resonance).This law embodies the truth that there is always a correspondence between the laws and phenomena of the variousplanes of being and life. There are planes beyond our knowing, but when we apply the Principle of Correspondence to them we are able to understand much that would otherwise be unknowable to us. If this law is once understood, it enables to look behind the veil of the unknown.

This Law is also the reason that horoscopes and Oracle Cards are functioning.The alignment of stars at the birth displays the different kinds of energies, which affects the life. Here is shown the setting the soul have planned for the life.The chosen Oracle Cards reflect the current energy of the Person, which choose the Cards.Fortune-telling is only a small example how the law of correspondence is working.

The most important principle of the law of correspondence is:

everything, which appears in our lives, is a reflection of  our own consciousness. Our outside world is reflecting back to us as we are on the inside. Our outside world corresponds with beliefs, feelings and thoughts we hold on the inside. So everything that we experience in the outside world has a reason inside of us.

All circumstances, persons and situations create a whole indulgent conspiracy, which provides us everything to heal our wounds, to achieve our highest potential and to realize our true eternal being. Everything what happens serves our own evolution. Everything and everyone afford a message for us. We have to look deep inside using our intuition to recognize the meaning of those messages. We can get awareness of those messages by asking ourself: “What is inside of me that this happened?” and “What is inside of me that this person behaves like this?” Most of the times it is better to meditate on those questions to receive an answer.The life is the perfect teacher, because it teaches us the lessons, we have to learn, in a speed the soul decides. But then we have to live the life in full awareness and mindfulness. All the obstacles, resistance and problems reflect the wounds and blockades, which has to be healed to get whole again. Hence the life is the experience the soul needs for healing.The Problem is if our outer reality is unhappy, chaotic or unfulfilling it is a direct result of what is happening inside us. The worse the outer world becomes, the worse we then feel about ourselves, which has a direct impact on our reality. To escape from this vicious circle of negativity, it is necessary to shift our paradigm.We are energetic beings, who attract everything of equal energy, everything of resonance. We experience the results from our creations, all the recollections from many lives, which we are not able to dissolve. In our everyday life is more magic than we ever imagined. In every small detail, which causes a feeling, lies the door to our inner world.It indicates a very important message of the soul, so bigger the emotions are, an event has caused.

The Law of Correspondence has the reason to create events, which activate certain emotions to lead our awareness to distortions of our consciousness like wounds or energetic blockades. It is necessary to discover and explore them. The mental analysis of the outer circumstances is not necessary, only the emotion is important. The intellectual realization is just the byproduct of  exploring these feelings.

E.G. if i am angry at my spouse, because she is so messy, it does not mean, that i am messy and this characteristic i do not like on me. It can have various meanings. The question is: What am i feeling? Am i afraid to lose control, that i need the outer arrangements? Am i jealous, that i am not able to let myself go?Hence the mirror can have different meanings, which depend on the feelings.

What outside is happening is not so important like the inner feeling.Once this conscious awareness of the Law of correspondence is attained, we have to look completely at the feelings. Perhaps there is a deeper emotion, a longing behind. Which authentic longing is behind those emotions? What do we need? What is missing?After that we have to look out for the higher truth of the situation. How can express our true self in this situation? Is there a new kind of being, which feels more healed, more true and more right? The answer of those questions bears the healing. The healing contains usually several planes.First we have to deal with the plane of fear,- the fear to confront with the old suppressed pain.Than there comes the plane of anger – a natural reaction of the mind to dissolve the supposed source of the pain.The next layer present pains itself in it different kinds.The layer of the longing –  the longing, which is not fulfilled. Because of that creates pain.The last layer is the solution: The longing is a longing for our self. The fulfilment of the longing we have searched mistakenly in the outer world.If we stay permanent connected with our feelings and our emotions, but we have to be aware, then we can liberate our souls from old wounds, energy blockades and old paradigms, which do not serve us anymore.When we live more aware, more awake and more open we perceive details. Syncronicities, the messages in small things , will be omnipresent if we follow the way our souls want to go,the way of self-realization and self-liberation.

The work with the Law of Correspondence is a natural spiritual way. Life is perfect. We do not need to manipulate it. And we do not need artificial spiritual religions or systems to liberate us.Only a small view to nature is enough to recognize, the flow of life is more intelligent  than we ever can imagine.We have to trust the life, that it nourished, teaches and support us, even in hard times.If we have this faith and surf on the flow of life, this life will lead to self-realization. Self-realization is god-realization, for God is nothing other than divinity that is deep inside each one of us, waiting to be discovered and revealed.

Love and light will brighten your journey!


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