Breaking the vicious circle of negativity

When I remember ten years back in time I had a quite negative view on the world, because my life had not developed like I  had imagined. I had a job, but not that kind job that I wanted to do. I had a slight depression. I was quite cynical. My feelings were so negative that even plants in my house died. When something happened I expected most of the time the worst case, which then really often happened. After job I just played games for many hours on my computer to distract myself from negative thinking.  At that time I had lived alone and I had not a girlfriend. No wonder, when I see how much negativity I had emitted.

I knew I was responsible of this situation, but I  had not realized, that it was even in my responsibility to change this situation. Although I had some spiritual knowledge at that time, I was not able to make a change. If I started to consider about a change I felt a severe weariness and laziness. I was even afraid to change , that the situation would become worse although I felt already complete unhappy. My negative thinking pulled me really down. I was caught in vicious circle of negativity.

I realized later I was not the only one. This seemed to be big problem of our society. Near the half of the people in my environment were caught more or less in such a treadmill of negative thinking. They suffered from negative thoughts and feelings and has problems to make a change.

But why is it so difficult to escape the treadmill of negative thinking?

One reason is the Law of Correspondence :

Everything, which appears in our lives, is a reflection of  our own consciousness. Our outside world is reflecting back to us as we are on the inside. Our outside world corresponds with beliefs, feelings and thoughts we hold on the inside. So everything that we experience in the outside world has a reason inside of us.

The problem is if our outer reality is unhappy, chaotic or unfulfilling it is a direct reflection of how we are inside. The worse the outer world becomes, the worse we then feel about ourselves, which has a direct impact on our reality. This let us again even more unhappy. The situation continues to get more worse.

Our brains work like antennas. They do not create thought, but they just receive them. The thoughts are created by our souls, our spirits of the body, other people or even nonincarnated entities. There are some entities in the spiritual realm, they nourish themself from the negative emotions. These parasites-like entities create fearful negative thoughts to get new nourishment. The brain receives the thoughts, which resonate with the frequencies of the brain. When someone is in a negative mood his brain receives negative thoughts. This thoughts causes negative emotions. In that process the hormonal balance of the body gets affected. So the negative mood of the person continues and his brain receives more negative thoughts and the circle starts again.

If this circle will not be stop, the negative emotions affect the physical body. It can lead to severe depressions or it can create heavy diseases in the physical body, because negative emotions are like poison for the physical body.

The soul has not the same frequency as the body-spirit. The frequency of the body-spirit is lower as the frequency of the soul, because the body-spirit is connected to the dense physical body. If someone is constantly in bad mood, the frequency of the body-spirits sinks more further. Hence the exchange of information between the soul between the soul and the body-spirit gets more distorted. The effect is the person has problems to listen to his intuition. So he cannot follow the way the soul determines to go.

But how can this vicious circle of negativity be stopped?

First at all it is important to become aware a person is stuck in the treadmill of negativity. Usually people, who are in stuck in this circle perceive their reality that their life is full of problems. They blame god or other people for all the negative events. So their paradigm is: suffering is a part of life. For them it is very difficult to understand, that they are the creators of the world they are responsible for the situation, and that only they can make a change. Hence they refuse any spiritual explanation for their negative feelings.

Accepting to be caught in this negative circle is the first step to find peace.

The next step is to stop blaming god, the world, other people  and ourselves for the own circumstances in life. If this does not happen, the person would not be able to leave the circle of negativity, because his focus would remain on the negative. It is even helpful to avoid news on tv and newspapers. They show most of the times only negative events. Here it is good to avoid any kind of negativity at all, because the negativity  confirms the paradigm. Hence it pulls the emotional state down and it will be more difficult to break this negative circle.

Taking the responsibility of the own creation is the second step to find peace.

The dominant focus point represents the average feelings and emotion. When someone is caught in the vicious circle of negativity, his dominant focus point is quite negative. The dominant focus point has to shift from internally negative to a neutral state. From there it has to move to an internally positive state. This process helps the person to liberate himself from suffering.

Raising the own frequency is the third step to find peace.

The person , who is caught in the negative circle has to develop mind-control. Therefor he has to learn how to still the mind or stay thoughtless, to be aware when a thought enters. Then the person has to control if the thought is positive or negative.

With time and practice, the person learns to stop focusing on negative thoughts or feeling. But it will need some time. It is not easy to break old habits a person is used to do. With practicing the mind control, the person will be able to break the vicious circle of negativity and shift his dominant focus point to neutral and then to positive.

Here are some tools, which help to enhance  raising the frequency and  moving the dominant focus point to a higher emotional state.

Be grateful:

Take some time for yourself. Sit comfortably. And close your eyes. Now start realizing for what you can be thankful. Try to be thankful from the depth of your heart. Be thankful for the source/creator for all the love and light it sends to you. be thankful for your soul to guide you the journey you are on. Be thankful for your guardian angels and spirit guides for protecting , leading and comforting you. Be thankful for our beloved mother earth, that she is loving and nourishing you. Be thankful for your body, for every cell and every organ to do its proper work. Be thankful for your spouse, your children, your parents and for each wonderful person in your life. And then bless them all.

If you repeat this everyday, you will recognize that this is a very powerful tool to change your paradigm. This tool has a great impact on the outer reality. You will see the change in relationships in a very positive way.


Usually i advice a meditation, where the person has to silent his mind and remains thoughtless. But when your dominant focus point is negative, after some time your mind gets probably overwhelmed from the negative thoughts. In that case is a meditation useless even counterproductive for the healing process. To avoid this, it good to shorten the time of meditation. First start being thoughtless for just some seconds but several times per day, instead of one time per day for an hour. With more practicing you can increase the time of being thoughtless.

A guided meditation will help you to stop the focus on the negative thoughts as well.

Walk slowly in the nature

Go and take a walk in the nature. Walk slowly and focus on the animals and on the plants. They have the ability to absorb and dissolve negative feeling. But do not start thinking negative during the walk. Even when the negative feelings will be absorbed, you contaminate yourself again with new negative feeling. So focus on the environment to avoid the negative thinking. Watch the playful game of the birds. Try to feel their happiness. Enjoy yourself on the flowers and animals you see. Go and hug a tree. Perhaps you laugh now, when you read this. But bear in mind trees are the most developed plants on earth. Try it out, when you are sensitive enough you will notice something.

But what really counts is, that you connect with nature if you walk often slowly through nature focusing on the environment.

Be active

If you practise Yoga and Sports like running, cycling or swimming it helps you to stop focusing on the negative thoughts and feelings, too. The focus is then on the body and how the body has to be moved and how it feels, instead on the negative thoughts. When you are well-trained, after about 20 minutes the body starts to release endorphin. Endorphin is a hormone which makes someone immediately happy.

To enhance this process i advice you to do a combination of Yoga and Running, but it is good that you choose for yourself, which kind of sports can help you to lift up your frequency.

Avoid Drugs

People who are caught in the circle of negativity tent to drink alcohol, to smoke cigarettes or to take other drugs, because it helps for a short time to lose the focus the negative thinking. But all drugs poison the body. Hence the frequency of the body will be decreased to more negative. After some time the body has an addiction for those drugs and the body adapts the state of consciousness, the drug creates. Then the circle of negativity rise again and it is more powerful than before.

If you combine those tools, you will soon lift your dominant focus point to neutral and then to positive. Then you will not be attractive for the parasite-liked entities because, you will not emit enough fear to nourish them. Your brain will receive positive thoughts, that create positive emotions. This emotions even have a positive effect for the body. Your view on the world, your paradigm, will change and as a result your whole perception of reality will change, too. But you have to be patience. This process needs time. The inner reality cannot be changed with a finger snap. If you constantly practise mind-control and try to lift up your frequency with the given tools you will see progress soon.

Sometimes you can have a relapse and fall into the behavior of negative thinking. If you become aware of this, do not worry. Use one of the tools to lose the focus on the negative.

After all those years I practice all those tools continuously. My dominant focus point is very positive. I realized that I had to go through this process to develop mindfulness. I find the woman of my dreams, my soulpartner. Since six years we are married. I have the same job, but I am happy with it, because I know I have to be there to help my colleagues. And if I have not worked there I would be married. My wife is a sister of a colleague. These are just some small examples how everything fall into its place in my life. Even my spiritual development  has enhanced , but  this will be explained in another article….

Love and light will brighten your journey!


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