Evolution of the Soul – The origin

I advice you not to believe what you read. You have to screen all what read. Screen it with you body-consciousness and with your intuition. While reading take a deep breath and look if what is written is in resonance with your inner core – with your soul. If there is resonance you can gain knowledge according to your truth. If there is no resonance, put it aside and seek somewhere else to find knowledge according to your truth.

The soul has deep knowledge. Unfortunately when we pass the veil of forgetting at our birth, we forget  nearly everything. Our intuition is a glimpse of the knowledge of the soul, but just a feeling not a knowing. So it comes that we ask where we come from. To know our origin we have to ask with the heart – not with the mind. Only the soul is able to give us the answer.

The creator is pure but a very intelligent and powerful consciousness,  a divine consciousness. He is pure love and pure light. The universe is not a machine, which works just according the universal laws. Divine consciousness is inherent the entire universe. Everywhere, each particle is inherent by this divine consciousness. Each particle is even perfectly planned and everything has a special purpose. The whole creation is inherent of the divine consciousness and there are even a lot of beings, which are even created by the creator, who watch and guide everything depending on the universal laws.

The creator separated many, an eternal number sparks of his consciousness to individualize them. The purpose is to gain experience for realizing himself. Each being, galaxy, planet, human, animal and plant has such a shard. This shard is the soul. They are even many souls who never incarnate. They just remain pure spirit-beings. Those beings are known as angels. They live they existence according the will of the creator. They stay all times in tune with the creator. Therefor they can fulfill the creators`s will without any distortions. Angels are powerful, because they never forget their power through the veil of forgetting in the process of incarnation. Some of them accompany us at our way through the incarnations and guide us and protect us at our journey. These angels are known as spirit guides and guardian angels.

Because the angels stay every time in connection  with the creator and fulfil his will, they cannot evolve. They do not have the free will. The free will enhances the evolution of the souls. So they stay always as powerful angels in the same stage of development.

The Universe contains several layers of existence. One layer is the creator himself, where everything comes  from and where everything goes to. There are seven layers of existence where the souls incarnate on they journey. Every layer is made of seven interlayer according to development of the soul.

The soul is not able to incarnate completely in a physical. Always remains a part on the spiritual plane. The size of the soul-part which incarnates is different depending on the soul´s plan. Even the soul is capable to manage several incarnation simultaneously, but then the incarnated persons have to share the life-force. E.G when a soul has only one incarnation at the same time it can spend 80% of its life force in this incarnation, while two incarnations have to share each 40%. The life force can have influence on the development of the incarnation, because the person will have more power in thoughts. Hence he will be more mindful and aware, and the thought can be more easily put into reality.

When a soul starts the process of incarnation it has to develop and/or to incarnate in a body according to the layer of existence. This body has not the awareness and connection to the intelligent infinity of the divine consciousness. The soul is aware of consciousness of the body. But the communication between the soul and the body is limited. In the third layer of existence the soul can make its presence felt through intuition. Here has the soul at least four bodies: the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the spirit body. The soul is in connection with all bodies. The most important connection between body and soul is though the heart-chakra. When a person dies, the physical body looses the life-force first. With time and work on the spiritual planes even the mental and emotional body dissolve. Only the spirit body we keep all the times we incarnate in one layer of existence. But when we graduate in a higher layer we will get a new spirit body until the next graduation.

The spirit body of each layer of existence in connected with a special chakra.

So the spirit body of the first layer is red connected with the root chakra, Muladhara.

The spirit body of the second layer is orange and connected through Svadhistana, Navel-Chakra.

The spirit body of the third layer is yellow and connected through Manipura, the Solarplexus-Chakra.

The spirit body of the fourth layer is green and connected through Anahata, the Heart-Chakra.

The spirit body of the fifth layer is blue and connected through Visuddha, the Throat-Chakra.

The spirit body of the sixth layer is indigo and connected through Ajna, the Third-eye-Chakra.

The spirit body of the seventh layer is purple and connected through the Sahasrara, the crown chakra.

A soul is only able to experience  the layer of existence, where the spirit body belonged. It some rare cases the soul has developed  two different spirit bodies. Then the soul is able to live in both layers simultaneously.

The seven layers of existence:

  1. The first layer is where air, earth, fire and water exist. It is the layer of developing awareness.
  2. The second layer represents the existence of crystal, animals and plants. Here individual consciousness will be developed.
  3. The third layer is the layer humans in the stage of our development exist. This is the layer of polarisation. Here has to be chosen between the negative path and the positive path.
  4. In the fourth layer the focus is to develop a group-consciousness according to the chosen path in the third layer of existence. On the positive path is the aim to develop love and understanding.
  5. In the fifth layer is the focus on light and wisdom according to the positive or negative path.
  6. Here is the layer in which a group-consciousness develop to fusion compassion with wisdom. The positive and the negative path reunite in this layer.
  7. Is the layer of oneness with the whole creation.

In the lowest layer the soul is passive. It can just observe how it is influenced by its environment. In the next layer its influence to the environment is much bigger. From layer to layer the spirit body will be more powerful. After a soul graduates from one layer to the next higher, the spirit body of the higher layer is capable to bear a higher life-force.

Usually the soul plans together with its spirit guides the next incarnation. The soul plans its development step by step. According to the circumstances the soul looks which abilities it want to enhance and which it get rid of.  Other souls are asked if they want to be involved and help us. Then it chose the perfect time and space which fit to the soul´s plan. The spirit guides try to help during the incarnation, but  in the lower layers the person is often not able to recognize the kinds tips he get from the guides and his soul.

This essay is the beginning from series about the evolution of the soul. In the next essays I want to reveal more details of special aspects of the evolution.

Love and light may brighten your journey


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