The Power of the right Nutrition

The body is the temple of the soul. So long we are incarnated we have a physical, emotional and a mental body. The emotional and mental bodies are subtle bodies and get their energy from the soul. The physical body is more dense. Hence the energy the soul provides is not enough. If the physical body do not get extra energy it would die in several days. So we have to give the physical body energy in form of food. The purpose of this essay is to get the awareness that food contains more energy than only calories and the effects of this energy on the body. The right nutrition helps even our spiritual development, because only in a healthy body dwells a healthy spirit.

Unfortunately our environment is polluted with many toxins which come the industries. In the name of profit we destroy and pollute our environment. The quality of our food is vanishing. Grains, fruits and vegetables are raised with artificial fertilizer to grow faster. Because of that the plants are not immune anymore for insect and fungal infestation. So the plant get treated with pesticides and fungicide. Even the industries change the DNA of some plants, that the plant produces pesticides for its own protection. Big companies pollute the environment with exhaust gases and waste water. Those toxin enter the body through respiration and nutrition. You can see our greed intoxicate us not only energetically, it poison us even physically.

The food industry produces a lot of artificial food which were developed in laboratories. Healthy foods are so long processed that the food is not healthy anymore like white flour and white sugar. With big advertising campaigns they connote the consumer, that the  industrial-made food is even more healthy like the natural grown foods. As a result people begin to suffer from the malnutrition. Near all the diseases of affluence are caused by this malnutrition like osteoporosis, gout, many chronic diseases and even allergies. There must be even an energetic reason before such a disease appears. But a good nutrition lowers the probability rapidly of getting sick of such a disease.

Generally food which is natural, untreated and pure is more healthy than processed foods. For example whole wheat flour contains near al the trace elements, vitamins, minerals etc like the whole wheat grain ( ~1800mg/100g), whereas in superfine flour  those elements are vanished (~405mg/100g). Further processing like baking and cooking reduces those elements further. With eating foods of superfine flour the body uses more of those elements than what is in the flour only for the digestive process. The body gains only energy from consuming those foods but it lacks the vitamins etc., especially Vitamin B. But these elements are very important for our metabolism. White sugar is even more worse, because  it does not contain any vitamins an etc. and it  can disturb the enteric flora right up to a fungal disease. The enteric flora has to work properly to process all nutrients well. A leaky-gut-syndrome can be caused by a disturbed enteric flora. And this in turn can cause allergies.

Osteoporosis is a result of eating superfine flour and white sugar, because the body is not able without those nutrients to build the structure of the bones well and to detox the waste products of the metabolism. Of course  this disease is a long-term-development. If you eat one time food of superfine flour and white sugar you would not develop such a disease, but with the regular consume it is more likely. I advise to relinquish white sugar and its products like lemonades, sweets etc., because the body needs much nutrients for a well working metabolism.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, potatoes, whole grains,cold-pressed oils, sea-salt , nuts and seeds from organic farming are the most healthiest foods. Well combined can those foods  nurture completely the body, if the digestive system works properly. But it is not good to change rapidly the nutrition. If you eat a lot of processed foods and change the nourishment to uncooked vegetarian food your digestive system would have problems to process those food. It is good to change slowly step by step the nourishment. Then the body is able to adapt to those kind of food. First you can start with relinquishing white sugar. You can sweeten your food  with honey or sugar from sugar cane which is not processed. You will see, this can be challenging, because white sugar can have an addictive effect. A change of nourishment can even cause a feeling of sickness. With eating more nutrients the metabolism works better and the body begins even to detox. Over a long time the body is not only intoxicated with the toxins from the pollution of environment, but also by the waste products of the metabolism. If the body is not able to discard the toxin and waste products it will be stored in fascia. The process of detoxing involves liver, kidneys, intestine and pancreas. If those organs have to handle much toxins and waste products the body get weak, because those organs need more energy. And than the body begins to feel sick. The process of detoxing is important, because if those toxins and waste products would stay in the body, they can cause diseases like cancer. So it is better to detox the body slowly and well controlled.

In the process of detoxing , the body starts to develop a feeling for healthy and unhealthy foods. With some time you have the feeling what nutirents the body needs and what kind of food you have to eat

Being tired after a meal is a sign  the meal was to big , the combination of food is worse or it contains only foods of lower subtle energy.

All foods bear aside the physical nutrients subtle energies, which are even significant for the body for being healthy. Food of lower subtle energy has a grounding effect on the body. If you eat this kind of food before a meditation, you probably would have problems to meditate. Food of lower subtle energy is often unhealthy. I think it is better to do make sport or to walk in the nature to ground.

Foods of lower subtle energy:

  • meat, fish and eggs
  • white sugar
  • products of superfine flour
  • alcohol, caffeine, nicotine

Foods of higher subtle energy:

  • milk and products of milk like cheese, curd ect.
  • table salt, sea-salt, stone-salt etc.
  • root and leafy vegetables

Foods of very high subtle energy:

  • crude fruits
  • nuts and oilseeds
  • uncooked grains which start sprouting
  • fruit vegetables like tomatoes, paprika etc.

Artificial foods bear destructive energies for the human body. Even when the synthesized food looks on the molecular level identical with a natural food, the subtle energies it bears are destructive for the body. This is the reason why dietary supplement which is artificial causes more health issues like the natural made dietary supplement.

There is a big difference on the energetic level between handmade and industrial processed food, even when it has the same ingredients. The handmade food bears the energy of the person who made it. This kind of energy is missing in the industrial made products.

Spiritual people are often vegetarians or even vegans. They think animals have the same rights to live like humans, and eating fruits, legumes, vegetables and crops nurture the body completely. I agree with this thesis, but then the food has to combined well and the enteric flora has to be complete healthy. Some people oppose eating meat is important, because the body needs protein. And the protein which is in meat is easier to process than the protein of plants.They do not know legumes like Mungo beans or lentils contain about 22% protein. Even nuts bear much protein.Unfortunately those proteins can only be processed well, if the enteric flora is not disturbed. Then it is better to eat milk products for adding proteins, because a lack of proteins can cause some health issues, like muscle cramps, weakness, tiredness, loosing of body-weight and reduced performance.

Eating meat has some disadvantages. Regularly there is much adrenaline in the meat. It is really stressful for the poor animal to get raised through life stock farming. Even when an animal lives on a small farm and enjoys a great time, it produces much adrenaline the time before slaughtering. Adrenalin, even when it is produced by the own body, is over long time so toxic like cigarette smoking. When someone add adrenalin through eating meat the effect gets more worse.

The most meat comes from livestock farming, where the animals get often sick because of stress. To avoid those sickness the animals get treated with preventive medicine like antibiotics. Even they get extra hormones, that they can grow more faster and bigger. If you eat those meat you eat even some parts of those medicine and poison your body with it.

Everything  has an energetic field, which has the imprints o feelings, nourishment, pollution etc.. And when you eat something you absorb even the energetic field to your own energetic field.So when you eat meat, the energetic field of the meat mixes with your energetic field, your aura. Even the stressful traumata which are stored in the energetic field of the meat you would absorb it to your energetic field.

Even when you eat a lot of meat it will have effects on your Karma.

I do not judge someone who eats meat. I just want to show the advantages and disadvantages of eating meat. But I am one hundred percent sure, if everyone has to kill the animal for himself, he like to eat, only very few people would eat meat.

It is my hope this essay awakens your awareness to eat healthy. Eating healthy is even a sign for self-love. When you have a small baby, you would not give something which can poison the baby intentionally. I think it is important to treat your body like your baby.Maybe it is good to take food like medicine. Do not ask yourself what kind of food you like to eat. Better ask what kind of food would nourish your body well.

Love your body and nourish your body with healthy foods!

May love and light brighten your journey!


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