Evolution of the Soul 3 – Graduation of mankind

In the last years there came many theories up about the ascension of the humanity and our beloved Mother Earth. Many people believed the  12.21.2012 was the end of the third dimension and Mother Earth and all living being were catapulted to a 5. dimensional experience, even without passing the 4. dimension. There was a big hype in the spiritual scene about this ascension process. Some expected the shift would happen instantly like finger snap. Others expected the landing of many UFOs and the aliens would help us to clean our polluted environment and they would help us on our ascension process or transport us with their UFOs to another planet or another dimension. Some other waited for the second coming of christ, where Jesus and many other ascended masters would come to save us. The mainstream media spoke even from the end of the world. All those theories uses the 12.21.2012, because this was the end of the Maya Calendar.

Then the 12.21.2012 passed. And what has happened? No UFOs were seen. Jesus did not come to save us. And the whole world appears to be like before. A lot of people from the spiritual scene suffered under disillusionment. Following theories avoid to state an exact date, but those theories are referring on an Event, which would happen and a great change would follow…

The most of these theories were influenced by many changelings. In a channeling a psychic person receives information from an entity. This entity can be a higher spirit, an angel, an alien, an ascended master, a lower spirit a demon or even another human being. The psychic person serves as a channel for the entity. Perhaps you remember the story of Greg Giles, who was a star under the channels. He was given fake information by a fake entity. But this came out after many years of channeling and publishing. The disillusionment hit him very hard. He retired from the scene and he never published a channeling again. Another problem of channeling is the medium can influence the message unintentionally. I do not say all changelings are bad, but it is good to look critically on changelings. Read them with your heart. Your intuition will tell you if this message is pure and if you can trust the information.

But this was not the main problem of those theories. All those theories reported about how the world would change.  None of the theories mentioned how we have to change. The focus lay just on the change of the outer world. This issue mirrors that the most people prefer to wait for help instead of helping themself, when they are not happy with the circumstances. Not only people from the spiritual scene show this behavior. It is a common behavior pattern on the whole mankind. The most people start only to change something when a situation is unbearable. But when the changes happen only in outer world, there would not succeed or there come another problems until the change happens even inside. I mentioned already in Changes about the importance of the transformation work to start the changes from within.

On the other side these theories contain distorted parts of the truth. In my last essay I stated our beloved Mother Earth stops soon the third layer humanity. But she have already built a fourth layer environment for the coming positive fourth layer humanity. So  you can see, this could be interpreted as ascension from third to fourth dimension. Even the fifth dimension will come, but after the graduation from fourth layer experience to fifth layer takes place. And this will need at least several galactic years (1 galactic year ~ 208.000 years). It is even the truth, that there a many aliens, who help us, but they do not land in UFOs. I wrote in my last essay about this:

About 2% of the people , who are living in this time on earth, have not to go through the process of graduation, because they come from higher layers of existence to help Mother Earth and the humanity in graduating. They are known as starseeds or wanderer. They have already mastered  the graduation from third to fourth layer and are able to incarnate in the higher layer again after they fulfilled this mission.

The theory over the second coming of christ is partially true as well. Jesus will not com to save us. We are responsible for our own salvation. We have to develop our christ consciousness. Therefor we have to live according to the example of Jesus. The development of christ consciousness means to live in unconditional love and compassion a service to others oriented life. On the energetic level it means the opening of the heart chakra. Therefor the three lower chakras have to be cleaned from blockades.

This describes the process of graduation after you choose the positive path – the service to other path. For the graduation you need a positive polarity of 51% – a little bit more than the half. To gain this polarity 51% of your actions have to be service on other orientated even/especially your thoughts.  A clairvoyant person is able to see your polarity and your spiritual development in your Auric field. He can see your character according to the colors of your Auric field. Every feature of your character is represented with a color in your Auric field. Every emotion can also be seen. If you have a character, which contains more than the half positive features you are able to graduate.

After you made your choice for the positive path, you start with the service to others. With every action on this path, you build your character according to positive polarity.

E.G. there is a person you do not like, like an old neighbor. First you should try to love him. Try to see his good features or have compassion for him. Try to help him with carrying his trash out or help him carry up the stairs his purchased things. If you try to do this with your whole heart, you will develop more unconditional love and compassion. But this has a side effect: You gain a new friend.

The awareness over your thoughts is essential for the positive path. Sometimes it can happen that you have a judgemental thought. Then do not worry. Try to see it from another perspective and try to get rid from any kind of prejudices. A quote by Mahatma Gandhi describes very well the importance of mind hygiene :

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

Here it is shown how a character is build. With your thoughts and beliefs you have, you build your character. If you feed yourself with positive thoughts you change your destiny to take the positive path. But it is important to be permanently aware about your thoughts. If a bad or a judgemental thought comes through you mind, you can interrupt the chain with setting it back on the positive path. If you feed yourself with beliefs and thoughts of unconditional love , your actions would reflect the unconditional love as well. Even nonclairvoyant people would feel the love in your Auric field, while a clairvoyant can see the change in your Auric field easily.

For the journey on the positive path you have to avoid any kind of manipulation. Even if you have the best intentions, it is good to say every time the truth, otherwise you just would increase your polarity towards negativity.

Living according the Golden Rule will change your life tremendously. But therefore you have not only to behave ethically to another person. It is important that your whole environment benefits from your ethical behavior, even/especially your self. Every living being has to be respected with love. Every living being is a small part of the creator like you.

It is easy to give plants love. They stay at one place and grow slowly with radiating their beauty. If you care  and tread them with love, they will radiate more beauty and you can sense their happiness for your arrival. Even the process of their growth will increase and they will be more healthy.

On the contrary animals have their own ideas and tent not to be so passive. They tend often to disturb people – especially wild animals. Unfortunately when a wild animal enters the area of people, it is most of the time the death sentence for this animal. This is a common behavior of people. They like to protect their area and they habits. But this behavior is very service to self orientated. There is a very easy way animals respect the area of people. You have to state the decree :” You are not welcomed here. Please leave this area and go where you come from!” It is important to feed this decree with only love – unconditional love. The animal will soon leave this place. But if you feel  even a glimpse of fear the animal gets confused and it will not follow the decree. Then it is better to catch the animal without harming it. Then it can be brought to a save place to leave it. But this is much more stressful for the animal and even you. So it is good first to try the decree. When a bee comes in your living room, just open the window and say with love ” You are not welcomed here…” Most of the times the bee leaves immediately the room through the open window. By the way this decree works even with unwelcomed spiritual entities. But even here it has to be filled with love. It is good to consider that every wild animal which crosses your way has a special message for. If you are not able to communicate with those animals, meditate about this encounter with the animal. Your soul will give you the message through meditation.

It is good to avoid food from factory farming. If you buy meat from animals, who suffered under the livestock farming, your polarity towards negativity increases. With every single cent you supports this kind of food industry. And then you support the torture of those animals as well. The other problem is, meat of those animals is  as energetic contaminated with bad and fearful emotions as physical contaminated with adrenaline and bad medicines. If you eat those meat, you just poison your body.

A lot of people on the positive path sacrifice themself. They like to give up their own needs with helping other people. They exaggerate the sacrificing of them self until they begin to suffer. When they realize this they start to hate themself for this behavior and their own weakness. It is very important to love yourself, because you are even a part of the creation. You do not have to love yourself in way that you increase your polarity to negativity. So long you do not impose your will over the free will of another being everything is fine. If you realize you made a mistake, do not worry. Forgive yourself, ask the other being for forgiveness and try to do it better the next time. Mistakes are catalysts for our learning process. There is no human being on this planet, who never made a mistake. But forgiveness is essential, otherwise you create karma, which will keep you in the third layer of existence until you solve it.  You have to love yourself like you love the whole creation, like every person, every animal, every plant and every being. You have to care your body. Give him what he needs – especially love. I wrote about the importance of caring the body in The Body: The temple of the Soul. And bear in my mind with a disease you are not able to serve others like when you are healthy.

While on the outer level you have to behave according to the golden rule it is helpful to accelerate this process with transformation work. You can easily decide ethically when blockades in your energetic system are removed. E.G. a blockade in the red-ray-chakra (Root-Chakra) can create a depression. You can imagine it is very hard to act ethically when you suffer under depression. In Breaking the vicious cycle of negativity I wrote already how to break out of the pattern of negative thinking. If you are not able to remove the blockades for yourself, I advise you to seek help in a form of therapy, like NLP , Reincarnation Therapy etc.. Therefor it is good to listen to your intuition. It will guide you to the therapy which is appropriate for you.

If your character contains more than a half  of the features which represent the ability for unconditional love like compassion you are ready for the graduation process. Usually this process takes place after the physical death of the body. In the spiritual plane are spiritual beings who help you with this process. They recognize you polarity. And then they start helping you to shift from the third layer to the fourth layer of existence. In this process your souls absorbs the information field of your spirit body before the spirit body is dissolved.Then spiritual beings help you to create a new spirit body for the fourth layer of existence. This spirit body has it own consciousness, but it has a better connection to the soul than the spirit body of the third layer existence, because of the higher frequency. So the spirit is able to exchange more easily information with the soul. After building a fourth layer spirit body you are able to incarnate on a planet according to your polarity you have gained in the third layer.

But it is said that near the whole humanity will shift into the fourth layer while they are incarnated. In my opinion this theory is not plausible, because every person must have incarnated with or have built while incarnation a full developed green ray spirit body to explore the fourth layer of existence. There are even some persons who are born with two full developed spirit bodies – a green ray body and a yellow ray body. They are able to live in both layers of existence simultaneously. But this is a very rare phenomena. The building of a green ray yellow body while incarnation is even a very rare phenomena. Only a person who is spiritual so advanced that he is able to dissolve his/her bodies and create a new body for the layer of existence the person wants to enter. Some Yogis, like Babaji, were able to develop such spiritual advancement. But it is not likely for the mass of people to develop so far.

In my opinion only some human beings enter the fourth layer of existence. But the main part of the coming fourth layer civilisation will incarnate in a fourth layer body after graduation. The future will show what is the truth….Perhaps I am wrong with my opinion…

In the fourth layer positive experience humanity starts to create a group consciousness, where every human being of this area can log in with his/her consciousness to connect with the group. Every group of people has their own information field. In the fourth layer of existence it much easier to connect with the fields than in third layer experience. For this it good that people of different polarity incarnate on different planets. A positive polarised fourth layer experience is full of compassion and unconditional love for each other and another group consciousness. People will live in communities, where they can serve each other and help each other to develop.

Because the energetic body has much more energy than the third layer energetic body, the realisation of thoughts happens much faster. Even adoption on living on this layer the humanity will be capable of telekinesis and telepathy.

Perhaps you might now think I exaggerate and my wishful thinking is influencing my writing. But I think it is good now for your to make your choice and start your journey on the positive path. When you start a service on other orientated lifestyle, you will not bother about the future, because this path will increase your happiness if you are able to follow this path with your whole heart. And every act of service to others will increase your polarity towards positive graduation. Then you know if this is wishful thinking or reality. You can try it out….

Love and light will brighten your journey!


Evolution of the Soul 2 – The choice

After all those years of abuse and destruction Mother Earth has decided to end the third layer of existence. This will not be the end of mankind or life on this planet. Our beloved mother graduate from nurturing the third layer of polarity to a positive fourth layer. I said already in the essay “Changes”, we live in a crucial time , when the end  of the planetary cycle (precession of the equinox) of about 25.920 years fall together with the end of the big galactic year of about 208.000. This is the time Mother Earth is able to graduate with the initiation for her next step of her development. She starts building a matrix for fourth layer existence. The environment is already build, only the fourth layer humanity is missing. In the near future there will be only a positive fourth layer civilisation on this planet, but first the mankind has to make the step for their own graduation.

Every person has to go through the process of graduation alone. Therefor he/she has to decide which way he/she wants to follow – the positive way or the negative way. Without making this choice, the person is stuck in the own development and remains in the third layer of existence. Even when the earth will be inhabitable for third layer existence, he/she will not graduate. Then he/she will live on another planet, where he/she has to go through many incarnations again until graduation.

About 2% of the people , who are living in this time on earth, have not to go through the process of graduation, because they come from higher layers of existence to help Mother Earth and the humanity in graduating. They are known as starseeds or wanderer. They have already mastered  the graduation from third to fourth layer and are able to incarnate in the higher layer again after they fulfilled this mission.

To graduate from the third layer of existence you have to make a choice. You have to decide to go the positive or the negative path. For this you have your Free Will. Every choice you take is your own choice. You are responsible for your choices. With every choice you increase or you decrease your polarity in one direction. But you have not only to choose mentally. You have to live your choice, so you can gain the amount of polarity which is sufficient for the graduation.

The negative path is the way of being self-centered. This is the way of service to the self.

People who live this path, deny the oneness of creation. Those people cannot recognize their true nature of unconditional love. They see themself as the most important part of the universe, which is just there for their own benefits and they take what they need. They live in a way , to get advantage and power over their environment and other people. They try to gain control over the self and others. For this they will be attentive to details which might gain him an advantage or give him ways to control others’ thoughts or actions more efficiently.

And so they identify themself with their ideas, intents and goals, their possessions and the people and the things he controls. Because he is totally lost in his ego, he is not able to let go from these identifying features. If this they lose all, they lose even their identity. That is the reason, why people on the negative do near everything  to their game like to threat, to abuse or even to kill other people. Those people do not behave on ethical standards, only when they want to avoid to go in prison.

For graduation on the negative path they have to gain a polarity of 95% in service to self. This is very hard to accomplish. Even Adolf Hitler was not able to gain such a high polarity.

After graduation on this path they will live on planets, where all people chose the negative polarity in the fourth layer of existence. E.G Planets of the Orion Empire have such negative polarity.

If you seek information here to go this path, I cannot help you. I chose already the positive path. My knowledge over this path is very limited.

If you are interested in following the path of service to others, read on!

The positive path is the way of being god-centered. This is the way of service to others.

Everywhere in the world can find teachings over the positive way. Religions with their Golden Rules and ethical choices have teachings which guide you following the path of service to others:

Ethical actions are those taken with consideration and compassion for others. The Golden Rule of ethics appears in all religions:
 HINDUISM: This is the sum of duty: do naught unto others which, if done to thee, will cause thee pain.
 ZOROASTRIANISM: That nature alone is good which refrains from doing unto another whatsoever is not good for itself.
 TAOISM: Regard your neighbor’s gain as your own gain and your neighbor’s loss as your own loss.
 BUDDHISM: Hurt not others in ways you would find hurtful.
 CONFUCIANISM: Do not unto others what you would not have them do unto you.
 JAINISM: In happiness and suffering, in joy and grief, we should regard all creatures as we regard our own self.
 JUDAISM: Whatever you hateth thyself, that do not to another.
 CHRISTIANITY: All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye ever so to them.
 ISLAM: No one of you is a believer until he desires for his brother that which he desires for himself.
 SIKHISM: As thou deemest thyself, so deem others.(1)

(1)Amit Goswami, The Visionary Window; a Quantum Physicist’s Guide to Enlightenment: Wheaton, IL, Quest Books, [© 2000], pp. 195-6. 52

But even in the religions, you can find people of the negative path, because they could accomplish a position in charge and of power, where they can control people. Sometimes it is even so, that a person in charge starts later to misuse his power. Abraham Lincoln was right when he stated “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

Nevertheless the religious teachings report of the holy people, who live the positive path. Their lives are like examples, how to walk this path. When you read the bible and follow just all the teachings of Jesus, you will recognize he was a symbol of unconditional love, although the church has changed some passages for their own benefit.

Siddhartha Gautama, known a Buddha, is another precious example of a person who reached a very high polarity on the positive path. If you do not know the history of Buddha I advise to read this short summary.

If you think Jesus and Buddha are just religious idols, and is in modern times not possible to accomplish the sufficient polarity on the positive path for graduation, we have in the near past Mother Teresa , Peace Pilgrim and Martin Luther King Jr. , who are precious examples for the positive path of service to others. These are just prominent examples, but I am sure there are even many people , we never hear about, who could accomplish the polarity for graduation.

51% polarity on the positive path is sufficient for the graduation from the third layer to the fourth layer of existence.

The positive path of service to others is a path of forming and maintaining a positive attitude which informs all our decisions. The heart of this attitude is the awareness that the universe is an entirely unified, interactive and living being made of absolute love, of which each of us is a part.
As we weave our way through the decisions of our day, our attitude is oriented to seeing as broad a view of situations as possible, so that we can more accurately evaluate whether or not ethical principles need to be involved in our choices. (Carla L. Rueckert)

In our day-to-day we have a lot of small choices, which we can increase or decrease our polarity on the positive way. When you are in a supermarket waiting in the line for paying, someone, who is in hurry or has just few items, you can just put yourself out in order to be kind to another human being. This is a positively polarized choice. In the bus when you stand up,  to give seat for another people is even a small positively polarized choice. When you stop your car, that the old woman can cross the road, is also a small positively polarized choice.

With all those small choices you are able to increase your polarity on the positive path, but you have to bear in mind, that all those choices has to come from the heart. When you do someone something good and you just think of raising your polarity, you will just increase the polarity on the negative path of service to self.

An interesting feature of taking either path of increasing polarization is the cornerstone importance of the First Choice for service to others or service to self which you make with full awareness of the significance of such a Choice. If you have put your whole self behind this First Choice, it is as though you had dug out and leveled the base of your metaphysical “house,” made the forms and poured the concrete for its foundation. Now that your foundation Choice has been made to be of service to others, you have made your first move in the Game of Life. The remainder of the incarnation is your allotted time to continue to play this Game of Life you have begun. Each consecutive service-to-others ethical decision which you make doubles your positive polarity. If you falter and make a service-to-self choice, you have to begin another series of consistently love-filled choices in order to polarize further.(Carla L. Rueckert)

There comes a time in our life, when we have to make a decision which path we want to follow. Otherwise we will be stuck in the third layer of existence. I write this essay for you to gain the awareness of the significance of this choice. So you can make your own choice. Perhaps you follow already the positive path, because you just live with an open heart.

We live in a world of polarity. Everything has two sides. The jobs which offer a good payment like a manager are coupled with service to self behavior, how to treat the workers. The payment of al lot jobs is not enough for living. The managers who offer those jobs increase the polarity on the negative path, because their set the value of the profit over the lives of the workers. This  big choice increases polarity on the negative path. If you are an athlete and you want to be very successful with doping you increase your negative as well. The easy way to fame and success is just often a walk on the negative path. But a change is always possible. Babaji said ” There is no saint without a past, and no sinner without a future”. For this we have to forgive with the full heart. This is even a choice wich increases the positive polarity.

If you really want to live the positive path you should first look, where you belong. What kind of job can you do for increasing your polarity. You can be a nurse or a streetworker for drug-addiction, if you are able to do this jobs passionate, it will help you on your positive path. Bear in mind you can even help people if have a normal job, like delivering the post or work on a counter in a supermarket. When you are nice and friendly to all people with your full heart, you will increase you positive polarity, too.

As someone who is on the positive path makes ethical decisions and works on himself, there may indeed be consequences in the outer world. He may receive thanks, credit and honor. Or his actions may not seem appropriate to others, and he may receive condemnation and dismissal. However, the service-to-self polarizing person will keep his eye on the present moment, not concerned with others’ opinions. Rather than depending upon the opinion of others for justification, he will consult his own interests. (Carla L. Rueckert)

Every small cycle with 25.920 years (precession of the equinox)comes the time a graduation from the third to the fourth layer is possible. It is said that nobody have graduated in the last two cycles. The end this cycle is even the end of the big cycle of the earth (~77.760 years) and the end of the big cycle of the galaxy (208.000 years). If someone do not graduate now he will continue to incarnate in the third layer on another planet for the next 77.760 years until the person increased his polarity in one path, so that he is able to graduate.

While Mother Earth is shifting her habitable area for humanity from the third to the fourth layer of existence, we have the last chance to make this choice. This is our last third layer incarnation before Mother Earth graduates complete to the fourth layer. If we want to accompany her, we have to make our choice for the positive path of service to others and we have to live it with our whole heart.

This motivates me to do my absolute best. It gives me the grit to get a grip when things get tough! It helps me to remember who I am and why I am here. Knowing that this is my last lifetime here as a third-density human; knowing that each day is precious, sweetens my taste for life and presses me to do my best to polarize.(Carla L. Rueckert)

Love and Light may brighten your journey!

Evolution of the Soul – The origin

I advice you not to believe what you read. You have to screen all what read. Screen it with you body-consciousness and with your intuition. While reading take a deep breath and look if what is written is in resonance with your inner core – with your soul. If there is resonance you can gain knowledge according to your truth. If there is no resonance, put it aside and seek somewhere else to find knowledge according to your truth.

The soul has deep knowledge. Unfortunately when we pass the veil of forgetting at our birth, we forget  nearly everything. Our intuition is a glimpse of the knowledge of the soul, but just a feeling not a knowing. So it comes that we ask where we come from. To know our origin we have to ask with the heart – not with the mind. Only the soul is able to give us the answer.

The creator is pure but a very intelligent and powerful consciousness,  a divine consciousness. He is pure love and pure light. The universe is not a machine, which works just according the universal laws. Divine consciousness is inherent the entire universe. Everywhere, each particle is inherent by this divine consciousness. Each particle is even perfectly planned and everything has a special purpose. The whole creation is inherent of the divine consciousness and there are even a lot of beings, which are even created by the creator, who watch and guide everything depending on the universal laws.

The creator separated many, an eternal number sparks of his consciousness to individualize them. The purpose is to gain experience for realizing himself. Each being, galaxy, planet, human, animal and plant has such a shard. This shard is the soul. They are even many souls who never incarnate. They just remain pure spirit-beings. Those beings are known as angels. They live they existence according the will of the creator. They stay all times in tune with the creator. Therefor they can fulfill the creators`s will without any distortions. Angels are powerful, because they never forget their power through the veil of forgetting in the process of incarnation. Some of them accompany us at our way through the incarnations and guide us and protect us at our journey. These angels are known as spirit guides and guardian angels.

Because the angels stay every time in connection  with the creator and fulfil his will, they cannot evolve. They do not have the free will. The free will enhances the evolution of the souls. So they stay always as powerful angels in the same stage of development.

The Universe contains several layers of existence. One layer is the creator himself, where everything comes  from and where everything goes to. There are seven layers of existence where the souls incarnate on they journey. Every layer is made of seven interlayer according to development of the soul.

The soul is not able to incarnate completely in a physical. Always remains a part on the spiritual plane. The size of the soul-part which incarnates is different depending on the soul´s plan. Even the soul is capable to manage several incarnation simultaneously, but then the incarnated persons have to share the life-force. E.G when a soul has only one incarnation at the same time it can spend 80% of its life force in this incarnation, while two incarnations have to share each 40%. The life force can have influence on the development of the incarnation, because the person will have more power in thoughts. Hence he will be more mindful and aware, and the thought can be more easily put into reality.

When a soul starts the process of incarnation it has to develop and/or to incarnate in a body according to the layer of existence. This body has not the awareness and connection to the intelligent infinity of the divine consciousness. The soul is aware of consciousness of the body. But the communication between the soul and the body is limited. In the third layer of existence the soul can make its presence felt through intuition. Here has the soul at least four bodies: the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and the spirit body. The soul is in connection with all bodies. The most important connection between body and soul is though the heart-chakra. When a person dies, the physical body looses the life-force first. With time and work on the spiritual planes even the mental and emotional body dissolve. Only the spirit body we keep all the times we incarnate in one layer of existence. But when we graduate in a higher layer we will get a new spirit body until the next graduation.

The spirit body of each layer of existence in connected with a special chakra.

So the spirit body of the first layer is red connected with the root chakra, Muladhara.

The spirit body of the second layer is orange and connected through Svadhistana, Navel-Chakra.

The spirit body of the third layer is yellow and connected through Manipura, the Solarplexus-Chakra.

The spirit body of the fourth layer is green and connected through Anahata, the Heart-Chakra.

The spirit body of the fifth layer is blue and connected through Visuddha, the Throat-Chakra.

The spirit body of the sixth layer is indigo and connected through Ajna, the Third-eye-Chakra.

The spirit body of the seventh layer is purple and connected through the Sahasrara, the crown chakra.

A soul is only able to experience  the layer of existence, where the spirit body belonged. It some rare cases the soul has developed  two different spirit bodies. Then the soul is able to live in both layers simultaneously.

The seven layers of existence:

  1. The first layer is where air, earth, fire and water exist. It is the layer of developing awareness.
  2. The second layer represents the existence of crystal, animals and plants. Here individual consciousness will be developed.
  3. The third layer is the layer humans in the stage of our development exist. This is the layer of polarisation. Here has to be chosen between the negative path and the positive path.
  4. In the fourth layer the focus is to develop a group-consciousness according to the chosen path in the third layer of existence. On the positive path is the aim to develop love and understanding.
  5. In the fifth layer is the focus on light and wisdom according to the positive or negative path.
  6. Here is the layer in which a group-consciousness develop to fusion compassion with wisdom. The positive and the negative path reunite in this layer.
  7. Is the layer of oneness with the whole creation.

In the lowest layer the soul is passive. It can just observe how it is influenced by its environment. In the next layer its influence to the environment is much bigger. From layer to layer the spirit body will be more powerful. After a soul graduates from one layer to the next higher, the spirit body of the higher layer is capable to bear a higher life-force.

Usually the soul plans together with its spirit guides the next incarnation. The soul plans its development step by step. According to the circumstances the soul looks which abilities it want to enhance and which it get rid of.  Other souls are asked if they want to be involved and help us. Then it chose the perfect time and space which fit to the soul´s plan. The spirit guides try to help during the incarnation, but  in the lower layers the person is often not able to recognize the kinds tips he get from the guides and his soul.

This essay is the beginning from series about the evolution of the soul. In the next essays I want to reveal more details of special aspects of the evolution.

Love and light may brighten your journey