Forgiving the self is the key

chinese-676650_1280It is relatively easy to forgive other people for harming and hurting. When you see in the eyes of this person and recognize the he/she really regrets the forgiveness comes inevitable – especially when you notice that how he/she is suffering under the feeling of guilty.

But how is it with forgiveness for yourself? Do you regret  some choices you  have made in past? Do you feel guilty for harming someone although he/she has forgiven you?

On the positive path we tend taking the needs of others more important than ours. Loving others seem to be more important than to love ourselves.

But the journey on the positive path means to love the whole creation. You are part of this creation, part of the creator, like any other being. Therefor you have to treat yourself like any other being. If you are able to forgive yourself you should even forgive yourself. The feelings of regret and guild create blockade in our chakras. And so long we have  blockades in our energetic system, we will not able to express the will of the creator without any distortion. Even with some time the blockades  can manifest diseases in our physical bodies.

1. We need to get to know ourselves, even our worst faults.
2. We need to forgive ourselves completely.
3. We need to accept ourselves unconditionally, just as we are.
This process is our leap into faith.

This is the process that opens our hearts.

In order to stay in our open hearts, we need to repeat the process daily, looking within to be sure that we remain self-forgiven and self-accepted. Forgiving and accepting other selves is simply an extension of forgiving and accepting ourselves.

Love and Light will brighten your journey!